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    The  Delia Fiallo Awards DESTACADO:  For the Telenovela worldwide industry and the millions of fans who love this kind of gender throughout the world.

    Grecia Colmenares, Delia Fiallo, Arquímedes Rivero y Amanda Ospina

    Grecia Colmenares, Delia Fiallo, Arquímedes Rivero y Amanda Ospina

    This is an initiative that has devoted two years of hard work to realize to push for the creation of a grants related  academy, value contributions and development for the winners, with spaces and refresher workshops and academic progress for participants securing with that the prosperity and development of the industry.   The effort of the existing awards to telenovelas, is admirable as they have managed to recognize significant artistic figures and the bulwarks have deserved it. However, there is no specialized awards, a contest with objectivity and legitimacy that includes all the productions, not only of our continent, but in other parts of the world that are doing good works, giving permanence and continuity to this genre indigenously Latin American.
    .A Quality Based competition, rather than on popularity as do the large award ceremonies in the world. An award that brings with it enhanced product quality and recognition to new ideas, contributing to the building of stars and higher returns
    of those at this risky business.  A respected and prestigious award, beyond fears and business rivalry already overcome, thanks to the access to communication technology platforms. These offer a value previously unavailable because it democratizes the election which is valuable as a promotional tool and dialogue with the audience. The conclusions of an entire decade, learned over 10 summits of the Telenovelas and Fiction Series Industry in different countries, cast light to fulfill the dream of millions of fans who love this genre; with a production of an award, that competes with the world’s most prestigious award ceremonies and rewarding creative filmmakers and artists in this genre. This award in turn, is a tribute to the pioneer of the genre, the famous and unrepeatable Cuban writer, Delia Fiallo. It is an award that will fulfill all these hopes. And a prize as well, not only necessary but essential for the global industry.


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